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Hi, my name is Alexei Yanuaria and I'm a freelance illustrator and fine artist from Southern California. I have been involved with all various types of art, video, and graphic design. I also have a strong computer and software background.

I've created this personal site to showcase my passion and handwork.

  My Story  



As far as I can remember, I have always had a passion for drawing. Thanks to my 4th grade teacher who encouraged me to do art. But it wasn't until my older brothers introduced me into comic books that I really wanted to be an artist. The art in comic books has always inspired me to become a better artist. My introduction to computer graphics was in high school. Lucky, the arts department had an Apple Macintosh and with it I was able design our team's wrestling t-shirts. With some great guidance of my coaches I ended up a CIF Division I wrestling champion. My cousin, who worked for the Yellow Pages, loved my work and convinced to take up Graphic Design when I get into college. I couldn't wait so I started taking night classes to learned Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. As soon as I graduated from high school I started working at printing company creating and designing flyer's. My cousin also got me a temporary job working at the Yellow Pages designing ads and logos for the summer. In the first year of college I took several art classes but was really into animation so I started taking 3D Animation classes. Around this time the movie Toy Story came out and dreamed of working for Pixar. But also around this time my son was born and I had to drop out of college to work full time and provide for my family. I continued to work in graphic design and got a job working at CopyMax. Part of the job was to provide technical support for computers they rented at the store. This was the beginning of my wonderful career into Computer Systems. I loved fixing computers, servers, and software development which lead into web development. I created websites as a side hustle which allowed me to create animated web graphics in Adobe Flash. During all this time I still did art as hobby. So after working 22 years the IT world I decided to take a long break and started to focus on my art but I also travel a little. Visited Paris, French Alps, Amsterdam, and the London. Did a road trip in Ireland and Australia. I've done a dozen road trips across the United States. Now that I got a couple of places under my belt, I've committed to a career in the Arts. Started pumping out sketchbooks after sketchbook to improve, watching tons of YouTube art videos, taking online training art courses. Now with plenty of time on my hands, I'm taking this opportunity to live out my dreams.